1. Things at the Decemberists Concert

    Ridiculous Things:

    • Colin told Banjo he was laughing a lot and Banjo responded that he’s just a “gigglepus”.
    • Colin declared that Stubb’s felt as though “since time immemorial gauchos came here to listen to Yo La Tengo.”
    • Colin fussed at least five separate times that Stubb’s didn’t have the proper necessities to make a mojito (pretty scandalous, I must agree.)
    • Colin pointed out and Nate agreed that there was a guy in the front row who looked like their old tour manager. He then looked along the front row to see if anyone else had any resemblance to someone he knew. I was proclaimed to look like someone Colin went to college with while my brother looked like some guy named Stu. He used these nicknames for us several times throughout the night.
    • Colin got fussy that the crowd was shit at call-and-repeat, insisting that he would keep la-di-da-di-daing until no one else sang on his turn. This devolved into prolonged scatting with a long scat solo by Jenny.
    • Colin sang the verse introducing the Rake’s children two times instead of singing the murder verse. Thus the Rake lived easy and free with his three kids and the conflict of the entire story NEVER OCCURRED.
    • Chris and Banjo both seductively unbuttoned their shirts at separate times, Banjo while molesting Colin as a priest in the Mariner’s Revenge.  He then proceeded to crawl and roll around the stage with a floor tom for the remainder of the song.

    Amazing Things:

    • Everything
    • Our spot
    • The beautiful setlist
    • Sara Watkins
    • The Rake Song and the unified drum beats and flashing lights
    • Chris playing the hurdy-gurdy
    • Nate’s face during every one of the Ridiculous Things

    Bad Things:

    • Waiting for a half hour at the wrong place and missing meeting the band

    Redemptive Things:

    • They’re playing Stubb’s again in August
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